BeeNature – Save the Bees, Society for the Rescue of the Honey Bees e.V.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

after a long waiting time our organization's charter has finally been approved and recognized by the revenue office.

The organization has thus been established officially on March 17, 2014 and its board was appointed during the initial convention.

The organization has been incorporated into the official registry on April  7, 2014 and is now finally open for membership.

As soon as your membership has been confirmed by the organization's board and your membership fee has been paid into our account you will be granted full access to the website. This will give you the opportunity to actively support and engage in our research with your own ideas.

In the Members section (which is currently under construction) you will get access to all the relevant information regarding the BeeNature project, including:

  • The symbiosis between bees and book scorpions
  • Breeding of the scorpions, where and how to catch them
  • Reconstruction and design of the beehive
  • Latest research findings
  • Overview of current research approaches
  • A large amount of research footage

Furthermore the website will offer all members the opportunity to:

  • create an individual profile for yourself and your beekeeping business
  • publish your own findings and tests on the topic
  • exchange ideas with other beekeepers and researchers from Germany and around the world and thus help to create a central hub of common knowledge

The organization's goal is to:

• enable all beekeepers to combat Varroa destructor naturally

• end the massive use of chemicals in apiculture

• save the honey bees from extinction

The organization seeks to promote and support:

1) The ongoing study of the pseudoscorpions which live in symbiosis with honey bees, including species in other countries

2) The advancement and optimization of breeding methods for those pseudoscorpions living in symbiosis with the honey bee

3) The research and development of beehives designed to provide an ideal habitat for bees and pseudoscorpions while ensuring their suitability for the practice and business of beekeeping

4) The development of new and sustainable breeding and beekeeping criteria emphasizing and prioritizing mite resistance and an appropriate environment for the species (not taking into account the breeding criteria usually prioritized in beekeeping, such as honey yield, gentleness, positioning of the honeycomb and swarming behavior, for the time being)

5) The creation and maintenance of an international, bilingual website which can be used by beekeepers from all countries with an active membership to engage in the project, present their findings and exchange knowledge (similar to Facebook).

6) The necessary laboratory and equipment to carry out research

7) Promising projects related to this topic from the society's members which require financial support to be realized (provided that the organization is equipped with sufficient funds)

We very much look forward to your help and creativity!

Best regards,

Torben Schiffer

1st Chairman