Attention: The BeeNature project is founding a non-profit organization!

All members of the organization are able to actively participate in field research and will be kept up-to-date with the most recent findings. The organization's charter is currently awaiting approval from the revenue office. Upon confirmation of the charter, the organization will be established officially.

The organization's goal is to:

• enable all beekeepers to combat Varroa destructor naturally

• end the massive use of chemicals in apiculture

• save the honey bee from extinction

The organization seeks to promote and support:

1) The ongoing study of pseudoscorpions which live in symbiosis with honey bees, including species in other countries

2) The advancement and optimization of breeding methods for those pseudoscorpions living in symbiosis with the honey bee

3) The research and development of beehives designed to provide an ideal habitat for bees and pseudoscorpions while ensuring their suitability for the practice and business of beekeeping

4) The development of new and sustainable breeding and beekeeping criteria emphasizing and prioritizing mite resistance and an appropriate environment for the species (not taking into account the breeding criteria usually prioritized in beekeeping, such as honey yield, gentleness, positioning of the honeycomb and swarming behavior, for the time being)

5) The creation and maintenance of an international, bilingual website which can be used by beekeepers from all countries with an active membership to engage in the project, present their findings and exchange knowledge (similar to Facebook).

6) The necessary laboratory and equipment to carry out research

7) Promising projects related to this topic from the society's members which require financial support to be realized (provided that the organization is equipped with sufficient funds)

If you are interested in becoming a member, please pre-register via our Contact form.